I was just playing around with creating a token on Tezos mainnet. I followed the tutorial to create a Tezos token. There they use this ready to use contract in PascaLIGO which you can view in Ligo Share.

In the configuration on the right side I select "deploy" and "Mainnet". Then I start the deployment of the contract with following values for storage where tz1bCY3YAujKdKx5uXnq1VVRDJWuANWypggx is my wallet address:

record [
totalSupply = 1000n;
ledger = big_map [
("tz1gvF4cD2dDtqitL3ZTraggSR1Mju2BKFEM" : address) -> record [
balance = 1000n;
allowances = map [
("tz1bCY3YAujKdKx5uXnq1VVRDJWuANWypggx" : address) -> 1000n;]]]]

The contract is deployed and I can perform some of the action on it as can be seen on Better Call Dev.

getAllowance, transfer and approve worked fine. But transfer only works when I set the value to 0. Whenever I want to transfer anything more than 0 it fails with the following message:

The transaction is invalid and the node did not accept it.

This what I try for example where both addresses are mine in a Temple wallet (and configured to receive this contract tokens):

from: tz1bCY3YAujKdKx5uXnq1VVRDJWuANWypggx
to: tz1gHs8XRLQzF6HyypvLjG8m51MxTmrd3Yqk
value: 2

I have no idea what I am doing wrong here. Any help would be appreciated.

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