Good day. There was a terrible problem. Or I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I can't get into my wallet. Tell me what to do. Last time I visited it on May 7, 2020. Used for this site wallet.tezbox.com. But now some incomprehensible things are happening. After downloading the trustwallet application, I insert my SEED PHRASE from the PDF file that I received during the ICO. And after that, NOT my wallet address is activated (i.e. the wallet does not match the SEED PHRASE from PDF). How can this be? I decided to try to log in through wallet.tezbox.com, fill in all the fields, but at the entrance the wrong wallet is displayed again, and it does not even match the address of the wallet from the trustwallet.

Please tell me what to do. And if possible, it is better in Russian. Thanks in advance

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