What are some good statically-typed Tezos client libraries (alternatives to PyTezos)? I'm pretty language agnostic as I'm starting a new project.

I know about TezEdge (Rust), tezos_dart (Dart), Taquito (TypeScript), and I guess tezos_client itself must be using an OCaml library somewhere (don't know where though). I intend to write a few scripts to play with arbitrage*, DeFi concepts, etc. I'm not interested in running a full node - I just want programmatic access to account generation, transfers, contract origination, and contract calls on testnets and mainnet.


*As a learning experience - I've noticed Tezos already has efficient arbitrage bots.

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There are a lot of good libraries for Tezos that can be found on Tezos Developer Portal.

As a C# dev I use the Netezos, Tezos SDK for .NET.

  • is there possibility of writing smart contract using netezos? if yes then kindly share any example Commented Apr 1, 2022 at 13:41

An option not yet mentioned is the morley-client library for Haskell devs, which is part of the larger morley framework.

Its executable currently does not provide many options, but the library has a much wider coverage and it's what the network tests in cleveland are based upon.

You can find a better description of the main morley tools in the dedicated wiki page, which is another place to find more info for Tezos development.

  • I haven't used Haskell since grad school, and I miss its elegance. This is def a strong contender ❤️ Commented Apr 30, 2021 at 15:22

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