I am trying to make a simple transaction using PyTezos. Based on this post, I got the following: (running on testnet, using test keys)

from pytezos import pytezos
from decimal import Decimal

alice_key = 'edpktq2n7L65vjFRZRSkwPdqizbmFzhDYzoF9nHVUkxaPa67LhhYHi'
alice_key_priv = 'edsk3rSSLG5krtRMtged4HVaXAmk5TtXMBNGaSyrNWCnvA4CDrMaUU'

alice_pk_hash = 'tz1TB74aPtw2cAeuMaQeaSeLXFrKEXTWd4ts'
bob_pk_hash = 'tz1VU1Vrpn33kJf9BVt8EB4jQZgQRuegnHEQ'

opg = pytezos.using(key=alice_key_priv, shell='http://localhost:8732')

opg = opg.transaction(destination=bob_pk_hash, amount=Decimal('1'))
opg = opg.autofill()
opg = opg.sign()

I think I should then call opg.run_operation(), but I get an error:

pytezos.rpc.node.RpcError: ('Failed to parse the request body: Missing object field operation',)

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help

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