I want to call an Approve method on a FA1.2 token contract.

Michelson code of Approve method at FA1.2 token contract:

(pair %approve (address %spender) (nat %value))

My PascaLigo code:

type approve_params is michelson_pair(address, "spender", nat, "value")
type approve is Approve of approve_params

const contractApprove: contract(approve) = 
  case (Tezos.get_entrypoint_opt("%approve", contractAddress): option(contract(approve))) of 
    | Some (c) -> c
    | None -> (failwith("not a correct contract (approve)") : contract(approve))

Compiled into michelson:

CONTRACT %approve (pair (address %spender) (nat %value)) ;

That works! I can call the approve method without any problems.

But now I want to call an other Approve method, that looks like this (like ETHtz):

(pair %approve (address :spender) (nat :value)))

How do I have to implement this statement in PascaLigo code ? Annotiations with ":" are not allowed.

I tried so much, but I am still not able to call this method. Always getting failwith message "not a correct contract (approve)".

By the way is someone able to interact with token contracts like ETHtz or BTCtz with PascaLigo implementation?

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