I have some troubles to call a contract.

This is the scenario:

Contract B (Entrypoint method "transfer"):

(pair %transfer (bytes %args1)
                              (pair (string %args2)
                                      (pair (string %args3)
                                             (pair (address %args4)
                                                    (pair (address %args5)
                                                           (nat %args6))))))

Contract A (which will call Contract B entrypoint method "transfer"):

type transfer is Transfer of (bytes * (string * (string * (address * (address * nat)))))

const contract : contract(transfer) = 
            case (Tezos.get_entrypoint_opt("%transfer", contractAddress): option(contract(transfer))) of 
            | Some (c) -> c
            | None -> (failwith("not a correct contract") : contract(transfer))

I am quite sure, something inside this statement is wrong for some reason

"type transfer is Transfer of (bytes * (string * (string * (address * (address * nat)))))"

But everytime failwith("not a correct contract") will be triggered 🙁

PS: I tried to call another method on contract B with only three parameters:

type approve is Approve of (bytes * (string * string))

Everything works fine with three parameters. But if I need to call a method with some more parameters, it fails.

Can somebody help ?

Thanks in advance!

  • How did you test it? On-chain directly or with the Ligo IDE/command line? Mar 24, 2021 at 7:57
  • Contract A entrypoint (which includes the get_entrypoint_opt call) is called with taquito. The transaction failed with the message "not a correct contract) Means that get_entrypoint_opt returns "None" Mar 24, 2021 at 10:01
  • So it looks like the contracts are on-chain, would you mind sharing their addresses? I would like to have a look at them. Mar 24, 2021 at 15:04

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Found a solution! I am using in both contracts michelson_pairs for the type of the entrypoint. I also added some annotations

For example:

type transfer is michelson_pair(bytes, "args1", michelson_pair(string, "args2", string, "args3"),"")

I just removed the annotations:

type transfer is michelson_pair(bytes, "", michelson_pair(string, "", string, ""),"") 

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