I've configured Taquito to use the BeaconWallet this way:

      const wallet = new BeaconWallet(options)
      await wallet.requestPermissions({
        network: {
          type: 'edonet'
      this.Tezos.setProvider({ wallet })

It connects to the wallet. When I try to call a contract, I'm getting the error: UnconfiguredSignerError, No signer has been configured.. How do I set the Beacon Wallet to be the signer? I'm using the Temple Wallet browser extension.


I suspect you are using Taquito's Contract API, but the Wallet API should be used to interact with a wallet.

For example:

const contract = await tezos.wallet.at(contractAddress);

Instead of :

const contract = await tezos.contract.at(contractAddress);

More details on the wallet API here: https://tezostaquito.io/docs/wallet_API#calling-a-smart-contract

  • Yes, that was it, thank you!
    – styts
    Mar 13 '21 at 6:41

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