Is LIGO going to get native support for emojis?

When I tried compiling a contract with the classic 🚀 (rocketship emoji) inside a string, I got the error Unexpected character '\240'.

Honestly, without 🌕, 🚀, or 💎🤲, how can we even crypto? /s

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Unfortunately, the string type in Michelson is restricted to :

[...] the printable subset of 7-bit ASCII, namely characters with codes from within [32, 126] range, plus the following escape characters \n, \, ".

As LIGO compiles to Michelson, we'll not have emojis in LIGO.

How, indeed, will we crypto? 🤦🏻

But, do not fret! A major advantage of Tezos compared to other blockchains is its upgradability. Anyone can develop and propose a protocol amendment. Such an amendment could expand strings to include Emoji.

PS: you could use bytes.

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