How can I create a KT1 address? The purpose of this address is that I can delegate to a baker.

Tutorials[1] I found have the command: tezos-client originate account.... however, this returns an error and the tezos-client manual does not have any entry for originate account (it only has something for originate contract).

Thanks for your help

[1], the tutorials I am referring too are: https://medium.com/cryptium/how-to-delegate-tezos-xtz-with-tezos-client-and-running-your-own-node-betanet-cea6960cf45 https://gspeagle.gitlab.io/tezosdocs/introduction/howtorun.html https://blog.polychainlabs.com/tezos/2019/06/03/delegating-tezos.html

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The tutorials you are reading are woefully out of date. A KT1 for delegating has not been the requirement for almost 1.5 years. In protocol version 005, KT1s became only for smart-contracts. Any tz1/2/3 can delegate.

  • thank you very much, that explains it!
    – 0897h
    Commented Mar 10, 2021 at 12:54

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