I have a problem with Edo protocol version.

On my computer, I tried to install tezos-node and tezos-client from PPA, with OPAM and from gitlab sources. With these 3 ways, I always have the same problem: tezos-client doesn't use same protocol as tezos-node.

On startup, node shows PtEdoTez:

~/.opam/for_tezos/bin/tezos-node run --rpc-addr
Feb 16 15:43:33.494 - node.main: read identity file (peer_id = idtYAvzx1CZpDZGzWfGsZv6u5mkCzr)
Feb 16 15:43:33.494 - node.main: starting the Tezos node (chain = TEZOS_EDONET_2020-11-30T12:00:00Z)
Feb 16 15:43:33.494 - node.main: disabled local peer discovery
Feb 16 15:43:33.581 - node: shell-node initialization: bootstrapping
Feb 16 15:43:33.687 - node: shell-node initialization: p2p_maintain_started
Feb 16 15:43:33.687 - external_block_validator: initialized
Feb 16 15:43:33.861 - external_block_validator: block validator process started with pid 1170415
Feb 16 15:43:36.054 - node.validator: activate chain NetXSp4gfdanies
Feb 16 15:43:36.055 - p2p.maintenance: too few connections (0)
Feb 16 15:43:36.060 - node.chain_validator: no prevalidator filter found for protocol
Feb 16 15:43:36.060 - node.chain_validator:   PtEdoTezd3RHSC31mpxxo1npxFjoWWcFgQtxapi51Z8TLu6v6Uq
Feb 16 15:43:36.072 - node.main: starting RPC server on ::ffff: (tls = false)
Feb 16 15:43:36.072 - node.main: the Tezos node is now running
Feb 16 15:43:36.764 - validator.chain: Sync_status: unsync
Feb 16 15:43:38.163 - validator.chain: Chain is bootstrapped
Feb 16 15:43:38.165 - validator.chain: Sync_status: sync

But node is v8.2:

 ~/.opam/for_tezos/bin/tezos-node --version
6102c808 (2021-02-10 22:57:06 +0100) (8.2)

Tezos-client using PtEdo2Zk:

~/.opam/for_tezos/bin/tezos-client --protocol PtEdo2ZkT9oKpimTah6x2embF25oss54njMuPzkJTEi5RqfdZFA
                 This is NOT the Tezos Mainnet.
           Do NOT use your fundraiser keys on this network.

  The protocol provided via `--protocol` (PtEdo2ZkT9oK)
  is not the one retrieved from the node (PtEdoTezd3RH).

Tezos-client using PtEdoTez:

~/.opam/for_tezos/bin/tezos-client --protocol PtEdoTezd3RHSC31mpxxo1npxFjoWWcFgQtxapi51Z8TLu6v6Uq
  Wrong value for command line option --protocol.
  Value PtEdoTezd3RHSC31mpxxo1npxFjoWWcFgQtxapi51Z8TLu6v6Uq does not correspond to any known protocol.

During building, I had messages saying that it was building PtEdo2Zk for all components. I didn't get any PtEdoTez in logs. My node and my client have been built at the same time. I don't understand why they don't have the same protocol.

Am I missing something ?


  • did you try running make clean before make build-deps and then make? it feels like you have some legacy files. Everything that is PtEdoTez should not be used, PtEdo2Zk is the real protocol.
    – Frank
    Commented Feb 16, 2021 at 15:20
  • I've just tried to build it again, with the make clean, but the result is still the same. Is there any directory I can delete to remove some cache or other ... ?
    – avl
    Commented Feb 16, 2021 at 16:22
  • Your node is connecting to the wrong Edonet. You need to update your list of peers (the file peers.json in the data-dir of your node) and re-bootstrap your node on the new Edonet that was launched last week. Commented Feb 16, 2021 at 16:48
  • I starded from scratch again. I removed binaries and directories, then I installed node and client from PPA, and started the node. I get this log: node.validator: fetching protocol PtEdoTezd3RHSC31mpxxo1npxFjoWWcFgQtxapi51Z8TLu6v6Uq Does it mean that I run the wrong binary or it's just a bootstrapping issue ? And what can I do to bootstrap with right peers or right protocl ?
    – avl
    Commented Feb 17, 2021 at 9:39

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If you use v8.2 or master branch from the https://gitlab.com/tezos/tezos/ you need to put in your tezos-node(~/.tezos-node) DATA_DIR/config.json the section in order to use edo2net (PtEdo2Zk) network:

    { "genesis":
        { "timestamp": "2021-02-11T14:00:00Z",
          "block": "BLockGenesisGenesisGenesisGenesisGenesisdae8bZxCCxh",
          "protocol": "PtYuensgYBb3G3x1hLLbCmcav8ue8Kyd2khADcL5LsT5R1hcXex" },
        { "values":
            { "genesis_pubkey":
                "edpkugeDwmwuwyyD3Q5enapgEYDxZLtEUFFSrvVwXASQMVEqsvTqWu" } },
      "chain_name": "TEZOS_EDO2NET_2021-02-11T14:00:00Z",
      "sandboxed_chain_name": "SANDBOXED_TEZOS",
        [ "edonet.tezos.co.il", "", "edo2net.kaml.fr",
          "edonet2.smartpy.io", "", "edonetb.boot.tezostaquito.io" ] }
  • It works ! Thanks a lot. But does it mean that tezos-node config init --network edonet does not set the right network configuration ?
    – avl
    Commented Feb 19, 2021 at 13:21
  • Yes, it is, because the PtEdo2Zk test network is called edo2net.
    – dmirg
    Commented Feb 23, 2021 at 21:22

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