i'd like to ask if it's possible to load another smart contract from an IPFS Hash or from a SmartPy url. What would be the best way to handle them with urls?

Contract A: https://smartpy.io/ide?cid=QmVPMCXXiUpe394zJFuKy2t5SeAviJzUWQsawL7z3WUVjJ&k=15243351510310b52b58

import smartpy as sp

B = sp.import_script_from_url('https://smartpy.io/ide?cid=Qmdwn3DijL1eSh8NVDUsuLNkv5G8XasHD7RzqymiwhXB6H&k=8cffde9f7bbe1d23e9eb')

class A(sp.Contract):
    def __init__(self, **kargs):

    def x(self, params):

Contract B (it's almost the same given above): https://smartpy.io/ide?cid=QmNSdUmBL32eVp9dyB96eyBSbqtcGycb8hXcpTCNanhzMr&k=901c9fc94841b0611393

Error: invalid syntax

 SmartPy code line 3 (line 3)
   B = sp.import_script_from_url('https://smartpy.io/ide?cid=Qmdwn3DijL1eSh8NVDUsuLNkv5G8XasHD7RzqymiwhXB6H&k=8cffde9f7bbe1d23e9eb')
 SmartPy code, line 1 (line 1)

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If you are trying to import a contact already stored by the IDE, you can do the following:

Import the following 2 contracts and name them ContractA and ContractB:

ContractA => https://smartpy.io/ide?cid=QmQRQ7eBRw9AhfgMoXhMfEpwSasakE2HFCCxQdAgs1cyZR&k=3fa7c6befc039ee5bb36

ContractB => https://smartpy.io/ide?cid=QmaZSLA3zCUHGAQWWp3vJJyF9xQ4mUqMZi4hhEY4M3f147&k=4ec858e12568f3642fa1

Then import contractB into ContractA with:

B = sp.import_stored_contract("ContractB")

enter image description here

sp.import_script_from_url will only work for plain text files that have the raw content of the contract. For example https://pastebin.com/raw/aNEYng4w

  • it gives me network error ;< w the raw pastebin as an example
    – crzy
    Feb 12, 2021 at 5:17
  • 1
    I think pastebin does not add CORS headers for other origins. You will have to use another host to provision the files. Feb 12, 2021 at 20:52

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