Environment: Delphinet using https://delphinet.smartpy.io. I'm connecting to it through the RPC via the java/kotlin library OkHttp.

Steps to reproduce:

Trying to send my max XTZ balance to another account. The account is not delegated so it should be able to be empty.

  • First dry-run the operation using /run_operation and /forge to get the fees, gas limit and storage limit. The simulation returns:
    "contents": [
            "kind": "transaction",
            "source": "tz1Ydpp4ibTrGSPn2i6cqQZ6arWieUbcfWVn",
            "fee": "0",
            "counter": "780748",
            "gas_limit": "800000",
            "storage_limit": "60000",
            "amount": "692750",
            "destination": "tz1LnZxYuTUpf54cx8RWEX6EW9sZBoxGbqPQ",
            "metadata": {
                "balance_updates": [

                "operation_result": {
                    "status": "applied",
                    "balance_updates": [
                            "kind": "contract",
                            "contract": "tz1Ydpp4ibTrGSPn2i6cqQZ6arWieUbcfWVn",
                            "change": "-692750"
                            "kind": "contract",
                            "contract": "tz1LnZxYuTUpf54cx8RWEX6EW9sZBoxGbqPQ",
                            "change": "692750"
                            "kind": "contract",
                            "contract": "tz1Ydpp4ibTrGSPn2i6cqQZ6arWieUbcfWVn",
                            "change": "-64250"
                    "consumed_gas": "1427",
                    "consumed_milligas": "1427000",
                    "allocated_destination_contract": true
  • I send an operation that has:
    • amount = max balance - (0.001591 ꜩ + 0.06425 ꜩ) (baker fee + allocation fee)
    • gas_limit: 1527
    • storage_limit: 257

This returns an error: proto.007-PsDELPH1.gas_exhausted.operation

  • If I add 1 mutez padding to that amount the operation runs with no problem (that mutez gets left as balance). Example of this, where the balance was left as 1 mutez.

I tried this with several newly created accounts (all undelegated) and every time I tried to transfer all my funds found myself with this error.

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The answer given by Raphael Cauderlier in the gitlab issue helped solve the issue:

"I have tried to reproduce this in sandbox (well, actually in mockup client); I think your problem is that 100 extra gas units are not enough to empty an account, apparently this consumes 400 gas units. Here is what I did (mockup_client is an alias for tezos-client --mode mockup --base-dir /tmp/mockup):"

$ mockup_client create mockup
Base dir /tmp/mockup has state `base_dir_does_not_exist`.
Some commands (e.g., transfer) might not work correctly.
Created mockup client base dir in /tmp/mockup
Tezos address added: tz1KqTpEZ7Yob7QbPE4Hy4Wo8fHG8LhKxZSx
Tezos address added: tz1gjaF81ZRRvdzjobyfVNsAeSC6PScjfQwN
Tezos address added: tz1faswCTDciRzE4oJ9jn2Vm2dvjeyA9fUzU
Tezos address added: tz1b7tUupMgCNw2cCLpKTkSD1NZzB5TkP2sv
Tezos address added: tz1ddb9NMYHZi5UzPdzTZMYQQZoMub195zgv
$ mockup_client gen keys alice
$ mockup_client transfer 100 from bootstrap1 to alice --burn-cap 1
[..]Consumed gas: 1427[..]
$ mockup_client transfer 99 from alice to bootstrap1 --fee 1
[..]Consumed gas: 1827[..]
$ mockup_client get balance for alice
0 ꜩ

I tried to run it with a gas_limit = 1827 and it worked.

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