I have tried a google search but with no luck as to what the costs are for storing content on the Tezos blockchain, if these costs are kept on a level if the price of XTZ goes up, plus what are the simple (I'm not a coder so simple is the word here) mb of data that I can store and how much can this be changed - ie store a text file of what size.

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Storage cost per byte is defined in protocol constants (see "Byte cost"). For the current protocol it's 0.00025 tez per byte that means you will pay ~262 tez for storing 1MB of data. Note: this value can be changed in following protocols.

You can store any amount of data in lazy storage (aka big_map), however there are "Hard operation storage limit" = 60,000 bytes (this value can also be changed), that means if you want to write a large amount of data, you will have to split it into ~60KB chunks.

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