i have tezos fundraiser tokens and also an exchange-sourced local node.

i have used kukai successfully to access the fundraiser account however when i am attempting delegation to the new account for baking (another tz1 running edo/latest) the mnemonic public key is not the same for kukai (the correct result) and the commandline

tezos-client import keys from mnemonic

the only switches are "encyrpt" and "force" for cmdline, niether seems to be what i need to follow kukai's differentiation of mnemonic imports and fundraiser imports.

is there a cmdline hack im not seeing in the online docks?

  • i found my answer with tezos-client man -v 0 – basinet bassoon Jan 29 at 20:41
  • So what is the answer? Maybe you could write a reply to your own question. – Raphaël Cauderlier Jan 29 at 23:03

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