I'm trying to figure out how to withdraw money from the contract within a smartpy entrypoint, and test the result in my scenario.

When I test the entrypoint:

  def withdraw(self, amount):
    sp.set_type(amount, sp.TMutez)

I don't see the balance change in the scenario after the endpoint successfully executed when I check the contract.balance with sp.verify or scenario.show(c1.balance) or scenario.verify(c1.balance == sp.tez(...))

This was a solidity translation and the expression seems to work and run okay but it's not doing what I expect.

How can I withdraw from the contract or transfer contract balance to an account address in my smartpy entrypoint?

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The correct way to do this is simply:

def withdraw(self, amount):
    sp.set_type(amount, sp.TMutez)
    sp.send(sp.sender, amount)

The solidity translation tool I used didn't handle this properly

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