I have a function like this

    def _verifySigPersonalSign(self,req,sig):
        sp.verify((req.deadline != sp.timestamp(0)) | (sp.now<=req.deadline), "request expired")
        digest = sp.sha256(sp.pack(sp.record(sender=req.sender,to=req.to,token=req.token,txGas=req.txGas,tokenGasPrice=req.tokenGasPrice,batchId=req.batchId,nonce=self.data.nonces[req.sender][req.batchId],deadline=req.deadline,data=sp.sha256(req.data))));

and created a test for it :

req = sp.TRecord(sender=alice.public_key,to=bob.public_key,token=sp.address("tz1YtuZ4vhzzn7ssCt93Put8U9UJDdvCXci4"),txGas=1,tokenGasPrice=2,batchId=1,batchNonce=2,deadline=sp.timestamp(1),bytes=sp.pack('42'))
        secanrio += c1._verifySigPersonalSign(req,AliceSignature)

But I am receiving an error:

Error: Type Error
sp.TKey is not sp.TAddress
sp.check_signature (params.req.sender : sp.TAddress)

on the line last line of the code : sp.verify(sp.check_signature(req.sender,sig,digest)). I need this line in my contract and also tried some debugging and found if I comment out this line then I receive another error:

Error: : Cannot read property '$nat' of undefined

Traceback (most recent call last):

Can someone please help me resolve it?

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Here is an example with the correct syntax, I hope this helps. Contract Link

The first issue you are having is with the way you call the entrypoint.

It should be c1._verifySigPersonalSign(req = req, sig = AliceSignature) instead of c1._verifySigPersonalSign(req,AliceSignature)

The second issue is because you are trying to create a record from a type definition:

It should be sp.record(...) instead of sp.TRecord(...)

  • Sorry rodrigo, the second issue gets solved but the first one still occurs with the same message
    – fuzious
    Commented Dec 1, 2020 at 12:19
  • 1
    Take a close look at the link I posted in the answer above. (It contains a working example of what you are trying to achieve) Commented Dec 1, 2020 at 17:32

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