Hello Tezos community,

I read the documentation on ledger setup on tezos doc and ledger obsidiansystems app.

I understand now how to create a secure account on my laptop with ledger Nano, and delegate coin to a baker.

Now running a baker VPS on AWS cloud, how can I use my ledger Nano in order to:

  1. Create a secure account for the baker (the security deposit), I can see no way to have access to USB port in an AWS instance...
  2. Bake and endorse block (as presented in the obsidiansystems doc)
  3. Remote signer seems to not be ideal as I need to take care/secure of a server at home, or is it the way bakers go?
  4. Do you see other options to secure my funds/baking on a VPS?

Thank you for your help! Greg.

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