I am wondering if there is a way to send RPC to other nodes without creating your own node because I do not have enough capacity to create a node in my laptop. Below is what I have tried.

Got some ips from https://tezos.giganode.io/ and ran curl -s [IP:Port]/version, but nothing responded.
Got some ips with https://services.tzkt.io/v1/network?state=running&p=$page&n=50 and ran the same curl command, but nothing responded.


  • What RPC commands are you needing to send to other nodes?
    – utdrmac
    Oct 19, 2020 at 4:13

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You can use SmartPy Nodes

curl https://carthagenet.smartpy.io/version should work fine

  • Thanks! @RoMarQ Also do you know how to get the list of the nodes we can send RPC like the SmartPy one? I would like to know as many nodes as possible.
    – Cody
    Oct 18, 2020 at 12:17

The tezos-node daemon blocks RPC by default to the public. Additionally, most public RPC servers limit which RPCs you can access because some can be very CPU/memory intensive.

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