in smartpy,

self.init(used = sp.set(t = sp.TSignature))

in taquito

await Tezos.wallet.originate({
      code: contractJson,
      storage: {
        used: [],
      } })

TezosOperationError { errors: [ { kind: 'permanent', id: 'proto.006-PsCARTHA.michelson_v1.ill_formed_type', identifier: 'storage', ill_formed_expression: [Array], location: 54 }, { kind: 'permanent', id: 'proto.006-PsCARTHA.michelson_v1.comparable_type_expected', location: 76, wrong_type: [Object] } ], name: 'TezosOperationError', id: 'proto.006-PsCARTHA.michelson_v1.comparable_type_expected', kind: 'permanent', message: '(permanent) proto.006-PsCARTHA.michelson_v1.comparable_type_expected' }

this is not working, how to set type 'Sets'?


The syntax is correct for Taquito, you declare a set as a JavaScript array. The error seems to be coming from the fact that sets can only hold comparable values and you try to use it with cryptographic signatures, which is not a comparable type.

  • They're not comparable until proposal 008 to be precise.
    – FFF
    Oct 12 '20 at 17:34

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