I lost the password that I created during the fundraiser.

What are the options I have for recovering it?


For those that don't have their ICO password it's important to understand that the password you provided was combined with the email you entered into a single passphrase. In order to access your funds you need your Seed words + passphrase (which is email followed by password with no space between).

Before you use a tool to try to brute force the password, first try to verify that you have correctly capitalized the email portion as you try to guess your password.

You can check if you have the correct seedwords, email, and password by using the official tool offline, to be safe.

If that fails you will need to brute force, but there have been many people who thought they had wrong password when in fact something was just incorrectly capitalized.

  • Official password check tool is just a blank page now? – Kevin Beal Aug 9 at 3:41

Some other options are brute forcing the password with this tool, built by a community member.

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