I recently setup a node and started endorsing and baked my first block, after I baked my first block it showed no future baking rights but continued endorsing for a few weeks then the endorse just stopped and I started missing blocks. Nothing changed in my setup, everything is running but nothing shows up in the endorser. I cannot figure out what is wrong and don't know where to start with troubleshooting.

Node is bootstrapped, ready for injecting operations.
Estimated gas: 50837 units (will add 100 for safety)
Estimated storage: 154 bytes added (will add 20 for safety)
Ledger Application level error (sign-with-hash): Parse error
Fatal error:
  transfer simulation failed

What is a Parse error? I've tried to search and cannot come up with anything



One possible cause for that error is if the baking account is in a Ledger and the Ledger is not running the baking app.

If you run tezos-client list connected ledgers the output should include something like "Found a Tezos Baking [...] application".

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