In ligo for a smart-contract I have a big_map in my storage and I want to pass nothing in the map as intial_storage value.

name = "stablecoin";
symbol = "eur";
total_supply = 1000n;
allow_transfer_from = Big_map.literal[(sender,{transfer_for = sender; amount = 10n})];
balances = Big_map.empty;
owner = sender;
tokens = 10000n;

In the above code when I pass some value in map allow_transfer_from it works but Big_map.empty balances doesn't work and produces the error:

Error: ligo: generated. untyped BIG_MAP_EMPTY

I am not able to find how to pass no value as initial storage in Big_Map. If anyone has any ideas, please help. Thanks in advance.

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You should type the Big_map.empty. For instance (I do not know the type of your big map): (Big_map.empty : (nat , token) big_map)


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