When I send this parameter in a call to a smart contract entry point on Carthagenet, it fails. Nevertheless, on Babylonnet it used to work:


The JSON is valid (checked with a JSON prettifier tool) and it is just like the one generated by SmartPy's explorer. Just one difference is the order of the JSON elements (i.e.: instead of {"prim":"Left", "args":[]}, I have: {"args":[], "prim":"Left"})


I think the contract you call on Carthagenet has a slightly different interface than the one you used to work with on Babylonnet. Can you give both KT1 addresses?

You can convert a JSON-encoded Michelson expression to the usual (and much more readable) Micheline format using tezos-client convert data file.json from JSON to Micheline.

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  • Thank you very much Mr. Caudelier. I will check details again. – Luiz Milfont Jun 17 at 20:18

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