burn function in KT_token contract can be called with arg format:

burn: (pair (or (unit %uSD) (unit %xTZ)) mutez)

so I tried,

./tezos-client transfer 0 from alice to KT_token --entrypoint burn --arg '(Pair %XTZ 100000)' --burn-cap 1

./tezos-client transfer 0 from alice to KT_token --entrypoint burn --arg '(Pair (unit %xTZ) 100000)' --burn-cap 1

it seems the type option can not accept both of the above format. My question is, what is the correct argument to call this function? Many thanks!

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  • For the or type, you must specify whether you're referring to the "left" (here unit %uSD) using the Left constructor or the "right" type (here unit %xTZ) using the Right constructor.

  • The value of the type unit is written Unit

  • Michelson values does not have annotations, you should remove %xTZ/%uSD from your arg.

In you case, you get either:

--arg '(Pair (Left Unit) 100000)'


--arg '(Pair (Right Unit)) 100000)'

You can verify that these parameters are well-typed using tezos-client:

$ tezos.client -mode mockup typecheck data '(Pair (Left Unit) 100000)' \
      against type '(pair (or (unit %uSD) (unit %xTZ)) mutez)

Here I use mockup mode to avoid running a node.

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