var crypto = require('crypto');
var ed25519 = require('./');

const seed = crypto.randomBytes(32);
const keyPair = ed25519.MakeKeypair(seed);
const base58encoded = base58.encode(keyPair.publicKey);

console.log('base58 pub key: ' + base58encoded);

When I run the above code, it shows me the following error

ed25519.MakeKeypair is not a function

Can anyone please guide me on how to proceed?


Try pytezos:

>>> from pytezos import Key
>>> public_key = 'edpku976gpuAD2bXyx1XGraeKuCo1gUZ3LAJcHM12W1ecxZwoiu22R'
>>> pytezos.Key.from_public_point(public_key.encode()).public_key_hash()

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