I am trying to start carthagenet.sh in RPC mode on Ubuntu 18.04

$ ./carthagenet.sh start --rpc-port 8732

It appears to start fine:

v7.0: Pulling from tezos/tezos
Digest: sha256:da126e8d6bf137a9b326c3992c0e464622b94e2ee42b7d311df158212b8ae153
Status: Image is up to date for tezos/tezos:v7.0
Creating network "carthagenet_default" with the default driver
Creating carthagenet_node_1     ... done
Creating carthagenet_upgrader_1                   ... done
Creating carthagenet_baker-006-PsCARTHA-test_1    ... done
Creating carthagenet_endorser-alpha-test_1        ... done
Creating carthagenet_endorser-006-PsCARTHA_1      ... done
Creating carthagenet_baker-006-PsCARTHA_1         ... done
Creating carthagenet_accuser-alpha_1              ... done
Creating carthagenet_accuser-006-PsCARTHA-test_1  ... done
Creating carthagenet_accuser-alpha-test_1         ... done
Creating carthagenet_endorser-006-PsCARTHA-test_1 ... done
Creating carthagenet_baker-alpha-test_1           ... done
Creating carthagenet_endorser-alpha_1             ... done
Creating carthagenet_baker-alpha_1                ... done
Creating carthagenet_accuser-006-PsCARTHA_1       ... done

However, as soon as I run any command I get an error:

$ ./carthagenet.sh client list known addresses
Error response from daemon: Container 9920d6b346868d3d5491c0cd88eee100189c470d2107fa49cde6086568ec1383 is restarting, wait until the container is running

I used the following command to debug issues with the docker container:

docker logs --tail 50 --follow --timestamps 9920d6b346868d3d5491c0cd88eee100189c470d21

It appears the docker container keeps trying to restart with this error message:

2020-05-14T07:02:29.592446544Z Current public chain: 2018-06-30T16:07:32Z.
2020-05-14T07:02:29.593149945Z Local chain data: 2018-06-30T16:07:32Z.
2020-05-14T07:02:29.593724545Z Updating the node configuration...
2020-05-14T07:02:29.666034593Z tezos-node: unknown option `--rpc-port'.
2020-05-14T07:02:29.666059993Z Usage: tezos-node config [OPTION]... [OPERATION]
2020-05-14T07:02:29.666064593Z Try `tezos-node config --help' or `tezos-node --help' for more information.

All documentation I find seems to suggest --rpc-port is the correct option. Where could I be having issues?

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It seems carthagenet.sh has a bug. Documentation in the file says we should run

./carthagenet.sh start --rpc-port 8732

Doing this will update the .tezos-carthagenet/docker-compose.yml to have the following command and ports:

command: tezos-node --network carthagenet --rpc-port 8732
  - "19732:19732"

However, as I said in my question, the docker container will not start because of the unexpected --rpc-port argument being passed in. So, I took a look at the update_compose_file() method in the bash script that updates the docker-compose.yml file before the container starts:

update_compose_file() {

    if [ "$#" -ge 2 ] && [ "$1" = "--rpc-port" ] ; then
      - \"$2:8732\""
        shift 2

    cat > "$docker_compose_yml" <<EOF

If if statement never gets executed because $1 contains the string --network. Remember the argument array will look like:

$1: --network
$2: carthagenet
$3: --rpc-port
$4: 8732

We need to change the if statement to read "$3" = "--rpc-port". Similarly, with that fixed, we need to update the conditional code to contain $4:8732, not $2, as well as update shift 2 to shift 4 to erase both sets of arguments for the rest of the bash script to run properly.

Rerunning the ./carthagenet.sh start --rpc-port 8732 command will then update the docker-compose.yml file correctly to

command: tezos-node --net-addr :19732
  - "19732:19732"
  - "8732:8732"

allowing RPC calls to work from the command line.


The node fails to start because --rpc-port is being added to the Docker Compose start command arguments for the tezos-node executable. The correct exec switch is --rpc-addr. The current documentation is incorrect or inconsistent. An alternative tool that helps you manages mainnet, zeronet, and carthagenet containers is teztool. https://gitlab.com/nomadic-labs/teztool

Docker Compose


Carthagenet Command

./carthagenet.sh start --rpc-addr 8732

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