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I tried several times by reducing the amont for sending meaning instead of 1.4, 1.3. and 1 xtz same error!

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When you send a transaction to an empty address you have to pay 0.257 tez allocation fee and in your case that caused a problem:

  1. At the block 930365 your balance was 1.336011 tez.

  2. At the block 930366 you tried to send a transaction with amount 1.1 tez, baker fee 0.015913 tez and allocation fee 0.257 tez - it's 1.372913‬ tez in total.

As you can see, you tried to spend more than you had.

By the way, I suggest you use TzKT Explorer with its detailed error messages:

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    Thanks for the very detailed answer!
    – Ezy
    May 2, 2020 at 9:16

Which client are you using to send the transaction? In the failing transaction you did not include the origination burn. However it seems that in a subsequent transaction you did include the origination burn and that it worked.

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