Wallet disconnects and reconnects. It can not send transaction. I am using latest version.

I am getting message: "Operation failed. Forge validation error. Local and remote bytes don't match."

  • Tezbox is no longer maintained by its author. Please migrate to an alternative wallet (Kukai, Galleon, Ledger live or others) – Ezy Apr 25 at 15:18

This is a common issue with Tezbox. It's no longer fully maintained and you're best to switch.

Cryptonomic Tech, builders of Galleon, have created a pinned reddit post in the Tezos subreddit explaining how to migrate to their wallet if you wish to do so: https://youtu.be/fLnOcezCZU0

Other than that if you'd like to continue on with Tezbox your best bet is to contact Jovan Smith on Twitter (https://twitter.com/JovanTezos) as he's Tezbox's community manager

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    Many thanks. The migration option looks good. I'll certainly give it a try. – Kutu Apr 24 at 11:58
  • Sweet. Mark this as the answer if it does the trick for you please. This will help many people going forward. – Sean Magin Apr 24 at 12:45

try to use TezBox wallet via web like in Chrome or Firefox and restore then switch node from setting menu.


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