I am trying to find more information about the properties/format of transaction hashes.
It looks like they all start with o followed by n/p/o, they are base58 encoded and are 51 characters long. Is that correct? Does somebody have more information about tx hash format in Tezos?


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I was unable to find a complete answer, but here are some pointers. First, to clarify, I think you're asking about the format of operation hashes. A block consists of a set of operations. An operation can be for instance a transaction (transfer tokens), a delegation, contract creations... The prefix for blocks is B, for operations o. As you write, operations are base58 encoded and 51 characters long. This is declared in the Tezos source code here.

Indeed, looking at a block all the hash of all operations starts with o followed by n/p/o, but I've yet to find the reason why.

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