I generated a new address on a node and then overwrote it. I have the public key hash (starts with 'edpk') and the password. I also have the private key hash (starts with 'encrypted:edesk1') I imported the public key:

$tezos-client show address <name> -S

Hash: tz1...
Public Key: edpk...

When I run:

$tezos-client import secret key <name> encrypted:edesk1...

the response is :

Enter password for encrypted key: 
  public and secret keys '<name>' don't correspond, please don't use --force

In the above examples. I replaced the actual name I gave the wallet with '< name>', however when I run the command I am replacing < name> with the actual alias.

Can anyone help me?

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Reset everything. Run tezos-client forget address <alias> --force I hope you understand that <name> is not a literal string and that you should be replacing that with real values: Example: tezos-client forget address mykey1 --force

Then, ONLY import the encrypted secret key as you did above. The client will automatically extract the public key hash, and the public key for you.

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