I'm trying to use taquito to call a method in my contract. Note my contract was programmed in SmartPy (if that makes any difference).

I am able to call contract.storage() without any problem.

When I try to call contract.methods.mint(wallet,amount).send({ fee: 30000, gasLimit: 200000 })

I get a 400 bad request. zone-evergreen.js:2828 POST https://carthagenet.smartpy.io/chains/main/blocks/head/helpers/forge/operations 400 (Bad Request)

The contract is deployed here: https://better-call.dev/carthage/KT1WvmH3BSawQyKy2mEfTvxvAuTSLSAtotAc/operations

Console error of call

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Turns out I was setting the private key incorrectly.. I change to..

      Tezos.setProvider({rpc: environment.network});

and all worked ok!

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