I am using babylonnet. I installed my node with those steps: https://tezos.gitlab.io/introduction/howtoget.html#build-from-sources

I tried to find an archive node snapshot but I could not find. Because of that I decided to reconstruct a full snapshot to archive. I followed this links.


Download an public historic mode snapshot

$ tezos-node snapshot import /root/snapshot.full --reconstruct

$ tezos-node: unknown option `--reconstruct'.

  • Problem solved. Reconstruct does not work on babylonnet but it works on mainnet.
    – bearddev
    Mar 11, 2020 at 22:54

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The reconstruction feature is not available on Babylonnet. The node was not update as the network will disappear soon.

If really needed, you can use the master branch and add the --network babylonnet flag to "run babylonnet through the most up to date sources".

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