i am getting the details of block- 24576 which is a reward block of cycle 0

"balance_updates": [ { "kind": "contract", "contract": "tz3NExpXn9aPNZPorRE4SdjJ2RGrfbJgMAaV", "change": "-40000000" }, { "kind": "freezer", "category": "deposits", "delegate": "tz3NExpXn9aPNZPorRE4SdjJ2RGrfbJgMAaV", "level": 5, "change": "40000000" }, { "kind": "freezer", "category": "fees", "delegate": "tz3bvNMQ95vfAYtG8193ymshqjSvmxiCUuR5", "level": 0, "change": "-1157138" }, { "kind": "contract", "contract": "tz3bvNMQ95vfAYtG8193ymshqjSvmxiCUuR5", "change": "1157138" }, { "kind": "freezer", "category": "fees", "delegate": "tz3bTdwZinP8U1JmSweNzVKhmwafqWmFWRfk", "level": 0, "change": "-1420068" }, { "kind": "contract", "contract": "tz3bTdwZinP8U1JmSweNzVKhmwafqWmFWRfk", "change": "1420068" }, { "kind": "freezer", "category": "fees", "delegate": "tz3WMqdzXqRWXwyvj5Hp2H7QEepaUuS7vd9K", "level": 0, "change": "-1250233" }, { "kind": "contract", "contract": "tz3WMqdzXqRWXwyvj5Hp2H7QEepaUuS7vd9K", "change": "1250233" }, { "kind": "freezer", "category": "fees", "delegate": "tz3VEZ4k6a4Wx42iyev6i2aVAptTRLEAivNN", "level": 0, "change": "-774255" }, { "kind": "contract", "contract": "tz3VEZ4k6a4Wx42iyev6i2aVAptTRLEAivNN", "change": "774255" }, { "kind": "freezer", "category": "fees", "delegate": "tz3UoffC7FG7zfpmvmjUmUeAaHvzdcUvAj6r", "level": 0, "change": "-1307180" }, { "kind": "contract", "contract": "tz3UoffC7FG7zfpmvmjUmUeAaHvzdcUvAj6r", "change": "1307180" }, { "kind": "freezer", "category": "fees", "delegate": "tz3RDC3Jdn4j15J7bBHZd29EUee9gVB1CxD9", "level": 0, "change": "-1623135" }, { "kind": "contract", "contract": "tz3RDC3Jdn4j15J7bBHZd29EUee9gVB1CxD9", "change": "1623135" }, { "kind": "freezer", "category": "fees", "delegate": "tz3RB4aoyjov4KEVRbuhvQ1CKJgBJMWhaeB8", "level": 0, "change": "-1796254" }, { "kind": "contract", "contract": "tz3RB4aoyjov4KEVRbuhvQ1CKJgBJMWhaeB8", "change": "1796254" }, { "kind": "freezer", "category": "fees", "delegate": "tz3NExpXn9aPNZPorRE4SdjJ2RGrfbJgMAaV", "level": 0, "change": "-1400039" }, { "kind": "contract", "contract": "tz3NExpXn9aPNZPorRE4SdjJ2RGrfbJgMAaV", "change": "1400039" } ] },

There are multiple category fees section in the balance updates where level =0 is mentioned which confirms that these are the fees of the operations in Cycle 0 which are released in this Cycle - 5

if we sum up these fees will this be the total reward for the baker of this block ?


The total reward for a baker of any block is 16xtz for the block + fees for operations in this block. At the end of a cycle, there are other "fees" from operations that happened earlier in this cycle like nonce revelation, or possibly double bake evidence, etc. All of those extraneous fees are summed up in 1 go in the last block of the cycle.

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  • the query i asked and the answer are completely different . Let me rephrase my question For cycle 0 we have 0-4095 blocks so as of my knowledge the rewards for Cycle 0 is distributed at the end block(24576) of cycle 5 - please validate if this is correct. So the json provided above if of block 24756 please look into a part of that and as well level :0 { "kind": "freezer", "category": "fees", "delegate": "tz3RB4aoyjov4KEVRbuhvQ1CKJgBJMWhaeB8", "level": 0, "change": "-1796254" }, – user3759202 Mar 4 at 16:56
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    Yes, block 24576 contains the rewards for cycle 0. You asked 1 specific question in your post, "if we sum up these fees will this be the total reward for the baker of this block?" I answered this question, the answer is no. The baker of block 24576 receives 16xtz + all other fees from the cycle. – utdrmac Mar 4 at 17:49
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    Level 0 is the Genesis block. The genesis block has no baker and no rewards are given for this block. – utdrmac Mar 4 at 18:01
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    I scanned the first 1024 blocks $ for i in {1..1024}; do curl -s http://node/chains/main/blocks/$i | jq '.metadata.balance_updates'; done and none contained any balance update rewards. If I still did not answer your question, then I have no idea what you are trying to ask. Your first comment did not rephrase anything helpful to me in understanding your question. – utdrmac Mar 4 at 18:07
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    No. The baking block reward is included in the block's balance_update as freezer:rewards to the bakers address. – utdrmac Mar 5 at 4:21

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