I write a contract and deployed it to babylonnet, address: KT1BcH97ZQas6zKMJBtNdmU4iBvyi2ihpsx8, the entry point is withdraw, parameter is amount, signatures, toAddr, txId(string). I use smartpy explorer to pack parameter, but the explorer doesn't support list of signatures. enter image description here

So I use tezos-client to invoke contarct, and I format a parameter by myself, but it doesn't work. My invoke command is:

tezos-client transfer 0 from alice to KT1BcH97ZQas6zKMJBtNdmU4iBvyi2ihpsx8 --entrypoint "withdraw" --arg '(Pair (Pair (Pair (Pair 1200000 (edsigtt9FQZSbtLvLx8UVZA1RJ29R7V9WUmmoSBjCcww1Y1pg3aXqWjspCFRc9kJ1MocXV7sMeULWtJuD8XLszQCk4J5FWC5ykh,edsigtpzq77tPRMeK1n9kdUiTroMfvnmGBXiQNib5cpRnAi4tiUReVydHQskB3q4hLvkaxpDYqP7ecUXzc2dR1sAvvYDbMG1idL)) "tz1WfxXzNgcsMrQBV6YHChmyQgNVvfo44ihi") "123123123")'

So what should I do to pack correct invoking parameter? Where is the description document about how to construct parameter?

After I modified command, there is a new error: enter image description here

  • Has someone show me the golang code example about how to construct this operation and inject it to node? Feb 25, 2020 at 7:05
  • I found the correct parameter format: pair (pair (pair 1200000 "edsigtt9FQZSbtLvLx8UVZA1RJ29R7V9WUmmoSBjCcww1Y1pg3aXqWjspCFRc9kJ1MocXV7sMeULWtJuD8XLszQCk4J5FWC5ykh" "edsigtpzq77tPRMeK1n9kdUiTroMfvnmGBXiQNib5cpRnAi4tiUReVydHQskB3q4hLvkaxpDYqP7ecUXzc2dR1sAvvYDbMG1idL") "tz1WfxXzNgcsMrQBV6YHChmyQgNVvfo44ihi") "123123123". But I got another error : Invalid argument passed to contract KT1TPBnfP...xrSxUuskS9. Contract has no entrypoint named withdraw. I have tried entry point name withdraw and Withdraw. And I am sure that my contract entry point name is withdraw. Feb 25, 2020 at 7:42
  • You are calling a different contract, your question is about contract KT1BcH but the error is about contract KT1TPB ...
    – Ezy
    Feb 25, 2020 at 9:53

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The format you use for lists is wrong.

You can look at the Michelson / Storage tabs in tests on SmartPy.io.

Lists constants in Michelson are of the form {1; 2; 3}.


Please remove the explicit call to the “—entrypoint” argument. The tezos node will figure it out by itself based on type checking of the “—args”

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