I started a sandbox with : ./src/bin_node/tezos-sandboxed-node.sh 1 --connections 1

I tried to connect with tezos-client -A -P 7089

I get the error :

  • error: Unable to connect to the node: "TLS to non-TCP currently unsupported: host= endp=(Unknown "name resolution failed")"
  • The port seems to be incorrect. The default port for the node "1" in the sandbox should be 18731.
    – vect0r
    Commented Feb 24, 2020 at 17:19

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The src/bin_node/tezos-sandboxed-node.sh script that launches a sandboxed node is meant to be used with the src/bin_client/tezos-init-sandboxed-client.sh one that sets some env variables and bash aliases. The tutorial documentation for these scripts is here: https://tezos.gitlab.io/user/sandbox.html.


unless you are doing development on the Tezos platform, I suggest you have a look at this tool https://gitlab.com/nomadic-labs/teztool/-/tree/master to run a sandbox node.

In particular: https://gitlab.com/nomadic-labs/teztool/-/blob/master/docs/sandbox.md

These scripts are mean for development and to be used in the CI.

Together with this sandbox, you can use this snapcraft for the client : https://gitlab.com/abate/tezos-snapcraft/-/tree/master

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