I did few smart contracts with Ligo, but now looking for more productionize setup.

  1. Is there a test framework one can use for Tezos? I'm looking for something like waffle + mocha in Ethereum, or truffle. I could do it myself with mocha and taquito or ConseilJS, but firstly want to check if there are ready frameworks.

  2. Is there a lite version of a Tezos node? Something like ganache, something to super easily start and use to execute smart-contract.

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Here is the preview version of truffle tools for working with smart contacts in Tezos: https://www.trufflesuite.com:8443/docs/tezos/truffle/quickstart


Ad 1. I am not sure whether it is what you look for, but look at: https://smartpy.io/demo/

SmartPy offers different tools:

  1. Analytics: elements of the UI in SmartPy.io to analyse smart contracts and their properties;

  2. SmartML: a virtual machine written in OCaml;

  3. Compiler: used to translate contracts from SmartML to Michelson;

  4. Python library: facilitates the use of SmartML definitions.

  • Thanks for tip. But, does this require writing smart-contracts in Python? I would prefer to stick with Ligo. Feb 24, 2020 at 9:02
  • Here is a link go Ligo playground: ide.ligolang.org but the IDE does not have Waffle features, yet ;-) Feb 24, 2020 at 11:41

You could use Tezster-CLI for setting up local environment and use Tezster-Bundle to develop,deploy and test your contracts.

Tezster-CLI: https://github.com/Tezsure/Tezster-CLI

Tezster-Bundle: https://github.com/Tezsure/Bundle-react

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