I'm trying to deploy a smart contract on the testnet. I have made sure it is well typed. But I faced the error message below when trying to deploy on both bablynonnet and carthagenet. Could someone guide me on where did it go wrong?

Status: failed

Error: proto.006-PsCARTHA.michelson_v1.ill_typed_data
Error: proto.006-PsCARTHA.contract.invalid_contract_notation

smartpy code: https://pastebin.com/4Hn6VThX

Michelson code generated by smartpy: https://pastebin.com/G6turJ8F


You are using invalid addresses.

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    Thanks! I was using the wrong address indeed, successfully originated now. Switched to sp.test_account and all is good. Was amused that the test made a difference, even though the michelson code was the same for both.
    – Vinnyson
    Feb 20 '20 at 10:05
  • The michelson must be different. Please share the originated contract address ?
    – Ezy
    Feb 21 '20 at 7:26
  • I can confirm that the only change required was in the test. How can a change in the smartpy test affects the deployment of the Smart Contract?
    – J.M. Kenny
    Sep 1 '20 at 14:38
  • General answer is that origination is done from contracts defined in tests. More specific one is that initial storage is important as well and I expect that this is what changed.
    – FFF
    Sep 1 '20 at 17:22

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