Is it true that in zeronet big maps are treated like regular maps?
Example: https://rpc.tzkt.io/zeronet/chains/main/blocks/head/context/contracts/KT1JPvBo4Sv7n1WDzcKWEXTVRDU9HQhaZdzd
See no big map pointers in the storage but a list of Elts instead, big_map_diff field is also empty in operations: https://rpc.tzkt.io/zeronet/chains/main/blocks/493088/operations/3

Counterexample: https://rpc.tzkt.io/zeronet/chains/main/blocks/head/context/contracts/KT1EMy5cDrUQgNYZgtN4wX2n39MBqHGQQCiK Origination: https://rpc.tzkt.io/zeronet/chains/main/blocks/335248/operations/3

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AFAIK a restriction in Athens is that a bigmap must be first element in the storage definition. Thats why KT1JPvBo4Sv7n1WDzcKWEXTVRDU9HQhaZdzd does not have a bigmap but KT1EMy5cDrUQgNYZgtN4wX2n39MBqHGQQCiK does. If you use type big_map somewhere else it gets translated into a regular map.

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