I tried installing ligo lang following the instructions here: https://ligolang.org/docs/intro/installation/

I have docker running, the bash install script runs fine, but I still get -bash: ligo: command not found


Put this snippet in a file named ligo

docker run --user=`id -u` -v $PWD:$PWD -w $PWD ligolang/ligo:next "$@"


chmod +x ligo

does this work for you ?

  • I am having same issue, command given in documentation ligolang.org/docs/intro/installation does pull image only but doesn't create container. I tried above solution, it creates container as well but container gets exit immediately with error Error invoking remote method 'docker-start-container': Error: (HTTP code 400) unexpected - OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:367: starting container process caused: exec: "/root/ligo": stat /root/ligo: permission denied: unknown Jun 4 at 7:50

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