I'm trying to build from sources but when I run $ make I get the error:

File "docs/doc_gen/errors/dune", line 15, characters 1-52: 15 | (action (run %{lib:tezos-tooling:lint.sh} %{deps}))) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Error: 'action' was deleted in version 2.0 of the dune language. Use a rule stanza with the alias field instead make: *** [Makefile:20: all] Error 1

I think that I have the wrong version of dune (need 1.8.0, have 2.something) but I don't know much about opam and the ocaml ecosystem. How could I go about downgrading my version of dune? running ubuntu 19.10, I just installed ocaml and opam from apt

P.S. If someone could recommend a good tag for this kind of post that would be great. If one doesn't exist I would suggest adding a devops tag or something.


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One workaround until dune 2 support is implemented is to pin dune to an earlier version, i.e.:

opam pin dune 1.11.4

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