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I'm simulating sending a transaction in BabylonNet with the exact amount of my balance. This is what I send:

    "operation": {
        "contents": [
                "amount": "15072034",
                "destination": "tz1XSXBeWqdupm73qWAJkxJkxRzH16y77i1B",
                "source": "tz1Zccb24KHCe99goSnFpg4xh9JZNTHSNPTz",
                "storage_limit": "60000",
                "fee": "0000000",
                "kind": "transaction",
                "gas_limit": "800000",
                "counter": "252877"
        "branch": "BM8(...)",
        "signature": "edsig(...)"
    "chain_id": "Net(...)"

And I get a 500 error with this message:

        "kind": "temporary",
        "id": "failure",
        "msg": "\"Assert_failure src/proto_005_PsBabyM1/lib_protocol/contract_storage.ml:555:16\""

Checking out the class in master branch I'm assuming this error comes from the fact I'm trying to empty an account that delegated their tezos to a baker. Is this assumption correct? And if so, why does this block me from doing this transaction?


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That's right, you cannot empty a delegated implicit account. In 006 the assert is replaced with a proper error message.

Your options are to either leave at least 1 mutez in the account, or to remove the delegation and then empty the account.

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