I'm trying to learn Tezos by creating a library (canibalizing eztz and sotes along the way :-) ) and I've hit a problem. I'm trying to replicate the signature from tezos-client sign bytes command in my library but it is not working.

The command I'm using is:

./babylonnet.sh client sign bytes 0x03ce69c5713dac3537254e7be59759cf59c15abd530d10501ccf9028a5786314cf08000002298c03ed7d454a101eb7022bc95f7e5f41ac78d0860303c8010080c2d72f0000e7670f32038107a59a2b9cfefae36ea21f5aa63c00 for roppa

And I get this result:


When using eztz I get:

eztz.crypto.sign('ce69c5713dac3537254e7be59759cf59c15abd530d10501ccf9028a5786314cf08000002298c03ed7d454a101eb7022bc95f7e5f41ac78d0860303c8010080c2d72f0000e7670f32038107a59a2b9cfefae36ea21f5aa63c00', 'edskRkdTqB1GNzBtwnCUA4KX6gfS8oRWCuKdLZmYzgrRgGbwqswtbZeY59q5DxfNZahgV1B6V8eyZ79FpU4687cR9Qve6kXRWc', '03')

I get:

edsig: edsigtp9QDGUh8866M5LgRgRZjyF7WvLQtXjjVP6X3x1dYgvxVye9ybvFSaSNG5aJv9FjH9Es9d3nV2xUptmnENwWp6nJ4zmMZ6

Am I missing something?

My local test account is:

  "mnemonic": [
  "secret": "983142fbeba332140dbb4a8d4d5749c279ae2587",
  "amount": "23892354330",
  "pkh": "tz1ipQzB7tXwafCZn9hJBsJLqrAHWKjK6FNd",
  "password": "oBKWAWiGgE",
  "email": "rzqhubtg.lixdjury@tezos.example.org"
  • 1
    The two signatures you've added in the question are the same as far as I can see, so I have a hard time understanding what problem you're having. Also, it seems like the arguments you're giving to eztz.crypto.sign are not the same as the ones you're giving to tezos-client.
    – arvidj
    Feb 8, 2020 at 16:43
  • Thanks @arvidj I had pasted the incorrect signature Feb 8, 2020 at 17:52
  • Check out the 3 wallet functions in the go-tezos library. See if that helps with the verification/confusion. github.com/goat-systems/go-tezos/blob/master/account/…
    – utdrmac
    Feb 8, 2020 at 18:22
  • @arvidj according to rpc-signing-operations the 0x is specifying it is hex, and the 03 prefix is the tezos watermark. The eztz function takes in a watermark parameter Feb 9, 2020 at 1:12
  • @utdrmac thanks for the links, will check it out, but at a glance, not sure what the account has to do with sign/verify? Feb 9, 2020 at 1:12


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