I'm trying to invoke a method with parameters that do nothing (blank body) in a smart contract but that doesn't work even if the contract is correctly deployed to the blockchain.

Use case: Smart contract contains a method:

# params :  sp.record(a = 3, b = 6, c = 9)
methodToBeCalled(self, params)

When I try to create a test scenraio in the smart contract methodToBeCalled(a: 3, b: 6, c: 9) I got this error:

Error: Error in Scenario  Type Error  sp.TRecord(a = sp.TIntOrNat, b = sp.TIntOrNat) is not sp.TUnit  Bad params type sp.record(a: 3, b: 6, c: 9)

So Is it possible to create a method that don't use it's parameters (blank method) just like:

    def Amethod(self, params):
    # params type is record: {a: 3, b: 6, c: 9}

Thank you in advance.


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As said on telegram, you need to put a type constraint. Otherwise, params is inferred to be of type unit. You can use this command:

sp.set_type(params, sp.TRecord(a = sp.TIntOrNat, b = sp.TIntOrNat))

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