How can I call a smart contract method from another smart contract with smartPy?

Use Case:

Lest's imagine that we have:

  1. Smart contract with a function increment(a)
  2. Smart contract with a function changeVarValue() that invokes the first Smart Contract's increment method.

Many thanks.

  • Can you share your code for reference?
    – Anuj P
    Feb 25, 2020 at 16:03

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There is an example template here: https://smartpy.io/dev/index.html?template=collatz.py.

The documentation is here: http://smartpy.io/dev/reference.html#_contract_and_address.


  • define your target contract

  • c = sp.contract(sp.TInt, address_of_the_target_contract, entry_point = "foo").open_some()

  • use sp.transfer(-42, sp.mutez(0), c)


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