As far as I know, in order to estimate a fee of a Tezos transaction, a following method needs to be called on a Tezos node: ../<block_id>/helpers/scripts/run_operation . At least this is how it's implemented in ConseilJS and that's what I found in documentation.

One of the parameters of that method is a transaction signature that obviously requires using a private key.

My question is: is it possible to estimate fee without using a private key? I would imagine it should be, since that's also possible in other blockchains - eg. Ethereum.

Please do note that I am interested in a solution that can be applied in a nodejs app, so a CLI method (if such exists) is not enough.

Thanks, K

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You can use any signature in place of that parameter. For example, you can use edsigtXomBKi5CTRf5cjATJWSyaRvhfYNHqSUGrn4SdbYRcGwQrUGjzEfQDTuqHhuA8b2d8NarZjz8TRf65WkpQmo423BtomS8Q and it should return the RPC call.

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