I just set up a local enviroment according to https://tezos.gitlab.io/introduction/howtoget.html using the babylonnet.sh

I am not familiar with docker but I could make sure with "docker stats" that everything seems to run fine.

my just set up docker env

But I now struggle with the further documentation. The system does not know for example the


command. I just get a

iMac:Downloads user$ tezos-node
-bash: tezos-node: command not found

How do I interact with tezos that run within a docker container?

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All interaction with the dockerized tezos-node (should) go through the ./babylonnet.sh, alphanet.sh or mainnet.sh script (the name of the script depends on which network your node is connecting to.) Typically, you do not interact with tezos-node directly, and indeed, the script has few commands related to the node. Excerpt from ./babylonnet.sh --help:

./babylonnet.sh node <start|stop|status|log>
./babylonnet.sh node upgrade
./babylonnet.sh restart

instead, you communicate with the node (and through the node, with the network), by using the tezos-client. The dockerized tezos-client is also accessed through the ./babylonnet.sh script:

./babylonnet.sh client <COMMAND>
   Pass a command to the tezos client.

To see the manual of the tezos-client (also available online), try the following:

./babylonnet.sh client man

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