Can someone please give an example Michelson smart contract that calls another smart contract ?

Some actual implementation would go a long way.

Many thanks

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An example in Michelson

Take one contract

parameter (option string) ;
storage (contract string) ;
    UNPAIR ; DIP { DUP } ;
    IF_SOME { } { PUSH string "hello, world" } ;
    PUSH mutez 0 ; SWAP ;
    NIL operation ; SWAP ; CONS ;

and another

parameter string ;
storage string ;
    UNPAIR ;
    SWAP ;
    DROP ;
    NIL operation ;
    PAIR  ;

The first contract takes an optional string parameter and calls the contract in its storage with that string, or "hello, world" if none was provided. The second contract takes a string as input and puts it in its storage.


Go to liquidity ide and compile that

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