Does mainnet and babylonnet create peer connections differently? My current scenario on AWS: I’ve got a VPC containing 2 EC2 instances that are supposed to independently run. I’m using the docker setup. For mainnet this seems to work as expected, however for babylonnet only 1 node manages to find peers and sync. The other node/ec2 instance gets stuck on Too few connections (0). Things I’ve tried: Clear the node to get a new identity and restart => Same result: Too few connections Build from source on non working babylonnet node => successful, node started syncing Instead of 2 instances use 10 => still only 1 managed to sync Run 2 different docker environments on my local machine => Both instances found peers and started syncing What am I overlooking?

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The node is using a default port to be connected "to the outside". If two machines are using the same port on the same machine it will conflict. You need specify a different one using the --net-addr PORT option when running your node.

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