I'm send post request to http://alphanet-node.tzscan.io/blocks/head/context/contracts/<contract_id>/big_map_get from google chrome browser. Google chrome browser send option request and node return 404 response.


You are sending your query to the wrong address - it should be (note you are missing "chain/main/"):


I recommend using the https version too. I have successfully queried this endpoint with a smart contract of my own and verified the response:

eztz.node.query(`/chains/main/blocks/head/context/contracts/KT1WRNhjkXLFZbSKzWDGADNPakX3tVq5a9Ti/big_map_get`, {
  "key": {
      "string": "KT1CUw2XscnBrK8GMu3dmF6poZexXcMet71Y"
   "type": {
       "prim": "address"

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