In this documentation it says:

The client is also a basic wallet and after the activation above you will notice that the directory .tezos-client has been populated with 3 files public_key_hashs, public_keys and secret_keys.

But when running in docker, it presumably uses some other directory inside the docker container which is not obviously accessible.

How can I access my keys, or create a wallet using the docker image?

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The command tezos-client show address <name> -S will show you the public and secret key of the user name. For instance, assuming that the dockerized tezos-client is accessible through the ./babylonnet.sh, you can run:

./babylonnet.sh client show address <name> -S

However, you can also find the directory that corresponds to ~/.tezos-client used by docker. The dockerized version uses two docker volumes to store data:

$ sudo docker volume ls
local               babylonnet_client_data
local               babylonnet_node_data

We inspect the first one:

$ sudo docker volume inspect babylonnet_client_data
        "Mountpoint": "/var/lib/docker/volumes/babylonnet_client_data/_data",

We can access the mountpoint directly (Note: this required super-user privilegies in my setup) to find the desired keys:

$ sudo ls /var/lib/docker/volumes/babylonnet_client_data/_data/ 
config  public_key_hashs  public_keys  secret_keys

I was able to make this work using the following commands:

./babylonnet.sh client gen keys MY_WALLET_NAME
./babylonnet.sh client show address MY_WALLET_NAME -S

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